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Teacher Development Workshops

In our dedication to support Teachers of English, we have created a series of Teacher Development workshops whose aim is to both inspire You and provide You with professional support by:

  • providing insight into the assessment background of City & Guilds International ESOL (IESOL) and Spoken ESOL (ISESOL) examinations
  • supplying you teaching tips and best practices  for your communicative English classroom
  • helping to shape your understanding of what communicative teaching and testing means in current and up-to-date ELT practice and as represented by City & Guilds IESOL/ISESOL
  • making your efforts effortless in successfully preparing your learners for City & Guilds examinations

If you are a teacher of English, intent on bringing excitement into your daily professional routine, enhancing your communicative teaching methods,  making your English classes even more enjoyable and your learners even more successful , then these workshops are for You. It makes no difference if you are a seasoned teacher or a novice in the profession, you will find the workshops equally rewarding as they so aptly blend professional support with entertainment.

To find out more and access the workshops please click here.